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Country: Mali
Title: Food in Africa - Rice
Description: Rice is bagged in Baguineda. Generally, an area of 0.80 hectares produces 22 bags of 100 kg each.

Imagine Africa: training for African photographers

Pictures can’t speak, but they can tell stories. And telling stories can be the start of making a difference in the world.
These striking images, taken by 10 photojournalists from sub-Saharan Africa, are from the book Nourriture en Afrique/Food in Africa, a visionary work capturing African realities in 210 photos and two languages. It brings to life the challenges in food production faced by poor rural people every day.
The book is the product of a partnership between World Press Photo and IFAD. It is the result of a grant-financed project that provided training to photojournalists from countries in sub-Saharan Africa so that they can tell their region’s story, from the inside. Following a competitive selection process and 10 days of training, the photojournalists went back to their home countries to craft their photographic essays.
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