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Country: Mozambique
Title: Mozambique - Pro-poor Value Chain Development Project in the Maputo and Limpopo Corridors of Mozambique – PROSUL - May 2013
Description: Association members dance in welcome of the IFAD delegation.

Smallholder Association of Nhatine, District of Guija, Gaza Province, visited on 21 May 2013. The Smallholder Association of Nhatine was founded in 1993 by 25 members. Today, it counts with 101 members, out of which 81 are women, and has 100ha. The main concerns expressed by the community was about the need of an adequate irrigation system: they face challenges with both the water pump and irrigation canals. The water pump own was produced in South Africa, which makes it difficult for adequate maintenance and replacement of pieces.

PROSUL involves improvements in three value chains: irrigated horticulture, cassava and red meat. It will work on the trade corridors of the southern Provinces of Gaza, Inhambane and Maputo. It aims to reach 19550 beneficiaries, mostly economically active poor who are already involved in value chain production. The project goal is to establish improved and climate-smart livelihoods of small farmers in 19 selected districts of the Maputo and Limpopo corridors. The project entered into force in September 2012, and was officially launched on 17 April 2013 in XaiXai, Gaza.

In order to document year zero of this first Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) project in Mozambique, the Environment and Climate Division (ECD) covered the costs of a consultant and cameraman to visit the PROSUL-ASAP project areas.
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