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Country: Malawi
Title: Malawi - Sustainable Agricultural Production Programme (SAAP) June 2016
Description: Gitembeza village_ Ellen Nkomakoma poses for a portrait in front of the maize storage of her farmer cooperative.

My name is Ellen Nkomakoma, I’m 45, I’m widow and I have 3 children.
I’m a farmer, I grow maize, beans, peanuts and tobacco in my 1,5 acres of land, I also keep cattle, goats and chickens.
I sell my crops in the local market and animal products within the village.
I’m part of a cooperative of 15 farmers, we produce maize, peanuts and breed livestock.
Thanks to the knowledge I got from the SAAP project my production of peanuts raise from 10 to 50 bags.
This is because I’m practising Conservation agriculture: pit planting and organic fertiliser from the manure.
My main challenges are the lack of rain due the climate change and the diseases livestock get and I don’t know how to treat.
For the future I hope to acquire more land in order to be able, when I will be old, to harvest enough to make a live.
For my children all that I want is that they can have a good education.
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