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Country: Malawi
Title: Malawi - IFAD Country Programme - June 2016
Description: Nkhunguyembe agribusiness cooperative warehouse_ A farmer count the money he received for the crop he sold to the cooperative.

My name is Mike Kikopa, I’m 40, I’m married and I have 6 children.
I’m a farmer, I grow soy, mais, peanut and sunflowers in my 15 hectares of land, I also keep 10 cows, 20 goats, pigs and chicken.
In the past I was employed in a company, I resigned and I started farming on my own, was very difficult . I was not able to earn enough money for my family. Difficulties came with the market I was just sitting waiting the middlemen to come to buy the harvest at the price they say.
In 2012 from 2 small farmers groups born the Nkhunguyembe agribusiness cooperative of which I’m the secretary now.
We are 150, the cooperative buy soy, mais, peanut and sunflowers from farmers. Having the possibility to store the crops in this warehouse and wait the price to raise and selling as a group we manage to get a really high price.
In the future we plan to buy a mill to process mais and sell it as flour in the local market and build a learning center for farmers to learn new technologies.
My life changed, I’ve improved my production, I’ve bought more land and I opened a grocery.
The main challenge is high cost of taxes on fertiliser and seeds
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