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Country: Benin
Title: Benin - Adapted Rural Financing Services Promotion Project in Benin - Sept 2017
Description: September 6th, 2019. Atchannou, Benin Republic.
Wife of Folly (Gnamadsogblo Affiwa 23years) is with basket of vegetables harvest their farm in Atchannou.Folly Randolph 49years with a farm and 5children is Vegetable Farmer Atchannou.His will to be self-reliance made him venture into agriculture after graduating from his high education. As such with his little savings, he began farming 20years ago.He approached ASF for loan and he was offered one 1million CFA plus 600, 000 subventions. With this fund, he was able to scale up his farm production and hired more workers.He also in need of more fund to be able to acquire mechanized farming implements and fertilizers to improve his crops developments.He prefers his children to free choice of career and he will support any of them that want to be a farmer.
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