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Country: Benin
Title: Benin - Adapted Rural Financing Services Promotion Project in Benin - Sept 2017
Description: September 6th, 2019. Atchannou, Benin Republic.
Jean-Francois at his poultry farm in Atchannou .Djannato Jean-Francios 34year is a poultry farmer with 4children and one wife.When he moved to Atchannou he realized it was so difficult to get chicken in the village. Most of the locals had to travel to the nearby town to get chicken. This difficulty to get chicken in the village motivated him to set up a poultry farm. Starting the poultry was not easy because of lack of capital and with an initial 100, 000 CFA loan from ASF he was able to start with 400 birds and recently 1000 birds and has ordered 1200 birds. Many of the women in the village now find it easier to get the chicken because of its availability in his poultry. With the profit from the farm have has been able to expand his farm, acquire motorbike and cater well for his children education. He started from a plot of land to a 2 hectare of land.
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