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Country: Sudan
Title: Sudan_SUSTAIN_Supporting Small-scale Traditional Rainfed Producers_November_2017
Description: Assad Mohammed Idriss, 37, from Kaja village, with his motorbike he uses to reach his clients and provide his services as paraveterinary.

“Before I didn’t know how take care of with animals, I was trained as a paravet and I become very famous, I provide services to all the people in my village and the villages nearby.”
His income increase and he could built a new room for his house.

“The skills I learned about animal production and animal nutrition helped me a lot in breeding my own animals. I could also help others in the village to have more milk.”

He want to build a center for animal nutrion and animal production in his village, Kaja, that can provide services to all the villages in the area.
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Photographer: Marco Salustro
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