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Country: Philippines
Title: Philippines - Second Cordillera Highlands Agricultural Resource Management Project (CHARMP2)- June - 2017
Description: This canal is one of a series of works that were funded by IFAD’s Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project (CHARMP 2) in the village of Supo, in the northern Philippines’ Cordillera Administrative Region. Telio Macario, president of the almost 100-household strong Supo Dapat Farmers and Irrigators Association, talks about the conditions prior to IFAD’s intervention: “We had to clear out silt and debris 10, maybe 15, times a year, especially during the rainy season. It’s the worst season to do this, because the waters are high and the current is strong. The whole process takes a week. And this is after already spending two weeks fixing up and reinforcing it all before the rains started…”. Thanks to the new infrastructure, annual maintenance has been drastically reduced from about 100 days to 2-3 interventions lasting two days each. People who used to work to maintain the irrigation system are now free to pick up other jobs such as road maintenance, which pays 2.5 times as much. With an improved irrigation water distribution system, the average household’s cultivated area has increased by over 15 per cent, and families can now grow three rice crops a year instead of only two.

CHARMP 2 builds on the first CHARM Project, which contributed to reducing poverty among indigenous peoples in the highlands of the Cordillera Administrative Region, in the northern Philippines. It aims to reduce poverty and improve the livelihoods of indigenous peoples living in the poorest areas in all six provinces of the region. CHARMP 2 combines several innovative features in developing indigenous communities in remote areas. These include: strengthening participatory systems of community planning, monitoring and evaluation; enhancing the capacity of indigenous peoples and their councils of elders to take the lead in forestry/agroforestry management activities; providing funds for livelihood assistance to small groups; and commercialization of the products of indigenous peoples through market linkages. Find out more about the village of Supo and IFAD’s CHARMP 2 project at http://bit.ly/2ACH1li.
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Photographer: Irshad Khan
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