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Country: Viet Nam
Title: Viet Nam - Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Areas Support Project in the Tuyen Quang, Ninh, Thuan and Gia Lai Provinces (TNSP) - Dec 2018
Description: Mai Thi Hue, 50, is a smallholder farmer in Noong Phuong village. She cultivates peanuts, corn, broccoli and cabbage. She also owns acacia trees and grows sugar cane.

“I have been farming since I was small. Agriculture provides income for basic living conditions but I also generate income through forestry and livestock raising to combine income. I joined a collaborative farmers group and was able to receive a loan to invest in material needed to start my business and raise our household income. If possible, I would like a larger loan so that I can invest more in my agricultural activities.”

“Before farming work was very difficult. With little money, I was depending a lot on my husband and other family members. With the loan, I now have money to put into livestock-raising and to improve the farm and I am now making money so that I do not rely too much on my husband’s income,” said Mai Thi Hue
The IFAD-supported project ran from 2011 to 2016 and reached 73,800 poor rural households living in 117 poor rural communes in Tuyen Quang, Gia Lai and Ninh Thuan Provinces.

The goal was to improve the overall quality of life by increasing household incomes and improving household food security and nutrition. This was done by helping poor rural people to participate in suitable on-farm and off-farm economic activities, increasing smallholder producers’ access to markets and by connecting private agribusiness investors to rural producers.

In Tuyen Quan the main agricultural products that the project promoted were: tea, arrowroot, pig, fish, goat, peanut, alcohol and chicken. In Gia Lai they were: chicken, maize, coffee, goat, cow and pig and in Ninh Thuan the products were onion, apple, sugarcane, garlic, goat, asparagus, and cow.

Households that participated in the improved commercialization of agricultural production, otherwise known as “value chains”, have increased their incomes more than the target 25 per cent by the end of the project.
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