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Country: Ethiopia
Title: Ethiopia - Indigenous Tree Species Restoration, Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project November 2018
Description: Ethiopia, December 13 2018, Dozo: Dambo Kebele, Chencha district
Chencha- Guggie Indigenous Tree Species Restoration, Local Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project
Year: 2011- 2013
Gamo People
Warkensh Solbe is 50-55 years of age.
Warkensh had prior knowledge of the value of the trees but noticed that people had started cutting down these trees without replanting them, the land started looking bare and the cropping seasons started changing and farmers didn’t know when to prepare for planting. She understands now that the presence of these trees help in mitigating the above changes. Presently the most concrete value she can see of the trees is their ability to fertilize the soil and hence increase the crop yields. Warkensh has planted mostly Anka within her farm and Koso trees around her home.
On the picture: Warkensh inside her home.
Photo: IFAD/Petterik Wiggers
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