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Country: Ethiopia
Title: Ethiopia - Indigenous Tree Species Restoration, Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project November 2018
Description: Ethiopia, December 13 2018, Dozo: Dambo Kebele, Chencha district
Chencha- Guggie Indigenous Tree Species Restoration, Local Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project
Year: 2011- 2013
Gamo People
Marre Kena (wife), age: 65 (green pullover) and Dangarsa Korzhe (husband), age: 67 ((tall with big hat)
They’ve planted Koso trees around the farm to help prevent soil erosion and Anka trees in the farm to help with fertilization of the soil and water retention.

Dangarsa and Marre were also beneficiaries of the incentives (a form of Payment for Ecosystem Services) for participating and implementing the tree planting initiative in their farms. With their incentive they bought an Ox that was later sold to offset graduation costs and ceremony for their son.
On the picture, Dangarsa at his home.
Photo: IFAD/Petterik Wiggers
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