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Country: Ethiopia
Title: Ethiopia - Indigenous Tree Species Restoration, Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project November 2018
Description: Ethiopia, December 2018, Chencha, Ezo, Woro Kebele
Gamo people
Chencha- Guggie Indigenous Tree Species Restoration, Local Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project
Year: 2011- 2013
Mengistu Leza (55 years of age, left) and Akalo Dele (53 years old), ploughing their land with traditional tools.
Mengistu: continues to develop more tree nurseries post the project implementation period. He saved the incentive (a form of Payment for Ecosystem Services) in the bank and uses it to supplement his income to pay for his children’s school fees and their upkeep while in school.
Akalo: He planted 60 Koso’s in his farm (the largest number of all the beneficiaries visited). In addition, he planted an additional nursery and transplanted a further 10 Koso’s to his farm making a total of 70 Koso’s. He used his incentive to buy a sheep, which he later sold and bought an Ox and later sold this to buy iron sheets for his house.
photo: IFAD/Petterik Wiggers
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