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Country: Tunisia
Title: Tunisia - Agropastoral Development and Local Initiatives Promotion Programme for the South-East - December 2008
Description: A farmer weighing turnips in El-Ferech, Tunisia.

In El-Ferech, 17 km from Tataouine, the agricultural development group (ADG) - one of the local implementing partners of the project - helped to form a local farmers cooperative. The main objectives were to rehabilitate an oasis by bringing fresh water for irrigation. This water was brought in from a reservoir 26 km away in El-Khabta. The ADG has also put an emphasis on the use and preservation of local seed variations for vegetables and herbs. These vegetables are distinctive in Tunisia and well-marketable outside of the valley.

The irrigation water available from wells was too salinated (up to 7% salt) and the land was becoming more and more difficult to cultivate. This area of land is the only land that could be cultivated in an area surrounded by mountains.

The 6 member cooperative manages 380 hectares of arable soil, benefiting 144 families.

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