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Country: Tonga
Title: Tonga, Tonga Rural Innovation Project - Phase II, December, 2019
Description: Olive Kata, age 50, makes ngatu at her home in Angaha, 'Eua. Ngatu, also known as tapa in other parts of Polynesia, is a traditional form of cloth made from the pounded inner bark of the mulberry tree. This activity would usually take place in the Angaha Community Hall (or other nearby community halls) but group activities in the hall have been temporarily suspended due to concerns relating to the measles outbreak in December 2019. Ngatu is an important art form and cultural identifier for Tongan peoples and it is used for important ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Strips of mulberry bark are beaten until they are soft and the fibers begin to separate. Craftsmen glue the strips together with tapioca paste to form huge cloths. In Tonga, elaborate geometric patterns are created using a printing block and pigment made from koka bark. These designs are entirely painted over by hand using natural colors derived from earth and plants.
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Photographer: Todd M. Henry
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