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Country: Malaysia
Title: Malaysia - Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility - April 2019
Description: Project Title: Enhance Ulu Gumum Jakun Orang Asli livelihoods through diversity, social enterprise and sustainable agriculture
Organization: Foundation for Community Studies and Development (Yayasan Kajian & Pembangunan Masyarakat; YKPM)
Project area of project implementation: Kampung village, Pekan , Pahang, Malaysia (approximately 60 km south-west of Kuantan)
IP Group: Jakun Orang Asli
Project Description: The Jakun ethnic group, are the second largest among the 18 Orang Asli in West Malaysia. The occupations of the villagers varied from working in oil palm plantation, rubber smallholding, to the gathering forest products. This project focused on diversifying environmental and cultural economic activities. Eco-farming, chicken breeding and a homestay venture brought together families on a common enterprise with the participation of traditional authorities.
On a continuous growing goal towards protecting traditional land and territories, the project improved the unity of the community, strengthening leadership and moved them closer to becoming one voice to campaign for their land rights. Traditional leadership structures were strengthened among the growing number of farmers and collective social enterprises. Understanding of markets and pricing was improved and the bargaining power of the community was developed.
Vast attention was payed to indigenous traditional knowledge methods, building upon the local knowledge to enhance farm activities. Accountability and transparency was promoted in the administration of resource as the village council was able to adapt some good practices into their traditional style of governance.
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