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Country: Nigeria
Title: Nigeria, IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Programme, November 2019
Description: Hadjiya Hassana Zaki (front, center) is the Chairperson of the RAHAMA Women's Cassava Processors in Kontagora, Niger State. The RAHAMA cooperative has benefited from IFAD/VCDP support since 2017. Since that time, the cooperative of 15 women has seen a 100 per cent increase in production of high quality, packaged garri and other cassava by-products.

The programme, which has a particular focus on women an youth, helps the cooperative overcome production challenges and take advantage of existing market opportunities that will lead to a sustainable increase in income.

The women have benefited from capacity development and training on better production methods provided by IFAD/VCDP. Hassana is shown here with cooperative members who are responsible for the various steps involved in the hygienic production of sand-free garri.

With demand for their products increasing, the women look to expand their production with a goal of exporting beyond the local market, including to other countries in the region.

The introduction of Vitamin-A fortified cassava supplied to the cooperative by IFAD/VCDP-supported farmers has also boosted demand for garri. State Programme Coordinator (SPC), Dr. Matthew Ahmed said “Nutrition is a key activity of the IFAD/VCDP. Introducing vitamin A into families’ meals will improve their nutritional intakes.”
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