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Country: Nigeria
Title: Nigeria, IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Programme, November 2019
Description: Women frying garri (cassava) at the RAHAMA women's cooperative cassava processing centre in Kontagora, Niger State. The cooperative has benefited from IFAD/VCDP support since 2017, including receiving new garri fryers. Since that time, the cooperative of 15 women has seen a 100 per cent increase in production of high quality, packaged garri. The programme, which has a particular focus on women an youth, helps the cooperative take advantage of existing market opportunities and overcome challenges that will lead to sustainable increase in income. With demand for their products increasing, the women look to expand their production with a goal of exporting garri to other countries in the region.

The introduction of Vitamin-A fortified cassava has also boosted demand for garri. State Programme Coordinator (SPC), Dr. Matthew Ahmed said “Nutrition is a key activity of the IFAD/VCDP. Introducing vitamin A into families’ meals will improve their nutritional intakes.”
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Photographer: Bernard Kalu
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