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Country: Nigeria
Title: Nigeria, IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Programme, November 2019
Description: Asebe Danjuma, Chairperson of the Tuduu Wada Rice Processors Women’s Cooperative, standing in front of false bottom parboiling machinery provided by the IFAD-supported Value Chain Development Project (VCDP)
Asebe Danjuma is the Chairperson of the thriving Tuduu Wada Rice Processors Women’s Cooperative. Thanks to the IFAD-supported Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP), Asebe – together with 75 cooperative members working alongside her - has experienced life-changing transformation. In November of 2017, the VCDP provided the women with mechanized processing equipment. VCDP introduced innovative “false bottom” parboiling technology and mechanical de-stoners to help rice processors like Asebe boost the quality, competitiveness and market value of their rice. The new technology has enabled the women to work more efficiently and increase their daily production from one ton per day up to ten, twenty, even thirty tons. The cooperative is helping to meet Nigeria’s growing appetite for nice by providing quality, nutritious parboiled white rice. Business is so good that the women are using profits to expand their facility with additional milling houses and machinery, proving that the project is already sustainable.
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Photographer: Bernard Kalu
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