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Country: Nigeria
Title: Nigeria, Value Chain Development Programme Phase II (VCDP II), November 2019
Description: The Lokogoma Cassava Processing facility was built in 2017 by the IFAD-supported VCDP. The modern facility has enabled the cooperative to increase daily production from 100 kg per day to 1,8 tons per day. To convert raw cassava into garri, the roots must be washed, peeled, grated, fermented and drained of excess liquid. Runoff from this process is mixed together with other organic waste and used to produce biogas. The biogas is used to fuel the furnaces that toast the cassava flour to make garri. Cassava processing at the facility does not always produce sufficient runoff to produce large amounts of biogas. Wood is used as a supplemental fuel for the furnaces.
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Photographer: Bernard Kalu
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