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Country: Tonga
Title: Tonga, Tonga Rural Innovation Project - Phase II (TRIP II), December 2019
Description: Sela Fifita weaves a traditional Tongan basket known as a kato 'alu in the Petani Community Hall, 'Eua, Tonga. These ceremonial baskets are made from the roots of the relatively rare and slow growing alu plant, which grows only on the island of ‘Eua these days. They are rarely sold because of their scarcity, but can be a significant source of income, selling for US$ 1,500 or more. Only a few people on the island still have this weaving skill. Sela is teaching her daughter so that this important component of Tongan culture does not disappear.
IFAD supports community driven development in Tonga and the construction of community halls is central to the approach. The multi-purpose halls are built to withstand category five tropical cyclones, offering safe refuge to the local community. Women gather in these communal spaces to weave and make other traditional handicrafts. The roofs are designed to collect rainwater runoff in 10,000-gallon water tanks, which is a source of clean drinking water. Although Tonga is surrounded by water and often in the path of violent tropical storms that cause flooding, the islands are often prone to drought.
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Photographer: Bob Baber
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