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Country: Solomon Islands
Title: Solomon Islands, Rural Development Programme RDP II, December 2019
Description: Clifton Melza, 40, cocoa farmer, Malaita, Solomon Islands
"We are working hard to be sure that the improvements
we have made are sustainable and that we pass on to our
children the things we have learned. Our children will take
over from us some day. Our cocoa plantations are our
succession plan for a better future."

In the aftermath of ethnic violence and civil conict, the Solomon Islands focused on local economic development, including greater involvement of rural communities in decisions. After an IFAD-supported project came to his village in 2018, Clifton received tools and training and learned to grow seedlings and graft twigs from improved varieties. Yields, quality of harvests and income have all increased. “With our higher income, we are able to more easily pay the school fees for our kids, improve our housing and take better care of our health,” he says.
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