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Country: Djibouti
Title: Djibouti, PROGRES Soil and Water Management Programme, March 2021
Description: Fatima Hassan Mohamed lives in Djibouti, in the vast arid region of Tadjourah. The nearest water source was more than 20 kilometers away before the IFAD-funded Soil and Water Management programme (PROGRES) (in collaboration with WFP and Government of Djibouti) made improvements to the country’s water infrastructure by constructing a system of cisterns and reservoirs that harvest and store rainfall. The project reduced her travel time for fetching water, saving 10 hours each trip. Fatima and her children, who had been suffering from frequent illnesses as well as malnutrition and growth problems, quickly saw improvements in their health and nutrition. PROGRES set up home gardens yielding tomatoes, green peppers, onions, potatoes and moringa. Having time to garden and care for her five children has made a big difference in Fatima’s life.
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Photographer: Baragoïta Saïd
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