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Country: Pakistan
Title: Pakistan - Rural Voices - South Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project - November 2019
Description: Shabana Bibi, a farmer and seamstress cleaning in front of her home. Shabana is also a wife and mother. After beginning her day with prayers she first prepares food for her children and takes care of household duties like cleaning. When her children have left for school, she goes to work on nearby fields with crops and livestock, or sews and stitches on order. The local food bank is funded by the South Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project (SPPAP) in cooperation with IFAD and allows resource smoothing over seasons: when Shabana can't provide for her family with her own crops she gets grain from the food bank and after harvesting season she pays back in grain. Through the project she has also been able to purchase a goat and thus further diversify her income by selling milk, too. Shabana was interviewed for IFAD's Rural Voices project and outlined some of the challenges she faces: rising temperatures due to climate change make her outdoor work more arduous and increasing food prices together with financial constraints impair her ability to prepare diverse and nutritious food for her children. She appreciates the opportunities she got through the local food bank project and wishes for more financial support in form of loan schemes in the future.
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