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Country: Peru
Title: Peru - Rural Voices - Avanzar Rural - Sierra y Selva Alta - May 2021
Description: Shirley Casachagua, ceramic artist, founder of the K’anchay Allpa atelier and president of Generación Llanac Artisans Association enjoying time with her niece and nephew in the garden of their family. Shirley's multigenerational artisans association promotes traditional handcraft and empowers rural women by offering them this opportunity to earn income. Shirley has been interviewed for IFAD's Rural Voices Project and her association was supported by IFAD thorugh programmes for the development of rural areas in Peru: the Sierra y Selva Alta project ("Highlands and High Rainforest" Project, PSSA) and it's follow up Avanzar Rural. Both of them aim at enhancing innovative rural enterprises.
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