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Country: Bhutan
Title: Bhutan - Rural Voices - Commercial Agriculture and Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Programme (CARLEP) - April 2021
Description: Kinley Penjor, a young baker and entrepreneur of Nutri-Food Products, and a colleague shaping cookie dough by hand. Their bakery is a rural business focusing on natural and healthy food from local resources, while ensuring decent incomes of his suppliers and further developing the agro-food sector in a rural area of Bhutan. Nutri-Food has been supported by IFAD through the Commercial Agriculture and Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Programme (CARLEP) which aims at sustainably increasing smallholder farmers' incomes and reducing poverty by transforming the rural agricultural economy from a subsistence-based to a market driven sector with a sustainable value chain. Kinley has been interviewed for IFAD’s Rural Voices project and described some of the challenges of his work: Without any automated machines he has difficulties in fulfilling demand and climate change affects his supplying farmers and their harvest which further limits his expansion efforts. He hopes for more support for youth through better education and assistance of young entrepreneurs to enhance youth employment.
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