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Country: Nigeria
Title: Nigeria, IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Programme Phase II, November 2019
Description: Aminu Ndakogi Kanko is a full-time rice producer, paddy aggregator, youth leader, a champion youth farmer and a motivator who benefited from the support of the IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP).
He is from Kanko town in Wushishi local government area of Niger State. Aminu is a graduate of Computer Science but because farming is part of his family heritage, he decided to go back to farming after graduating from the University.
He has over 20 years’ experience in rice farming if you include the trips he made to the farm with his parents, as a young boy. With rice farming, Aminu has been able to acquire 2 houses and presently cultivates 3 hectares of land.
He changed his mindset towards agriculture and today Aminu is called "young millionaire" in his village and has been awarded the best #Ricefarmer in Niger State.
Though he ultimately decided to dedicate himself to agriculture, his background is in computer science – and he brings that same technical focus to his agribusiness. Not only did he reschedule the entire cultivation calendar to the dry season by making judicious use of a pump system, he’s also developed his own digital platform to sell his products directly to consumers. For Aminu, getting youth involved in policy-making processes at all levels is the way to a green economy. He’d also like to see more capacity-building opportunities for rural youth – and he thinks digital marketing will help young farmers keep their sales strong.
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