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Country: Burundi
Title: Burundi, Value Chain Development Programme Phase II, April 2021
Description: The IFAD-supported Value Chain Development Programme (PRODEFI II) aims to increase rural households' resilience to climate change, and intensify crops and livestock production to improve nutrition and food security. It is also working to improve the processing and the marketing of milk and rice products through structured value chains. The programme will develop financial services products to finance the production, the processing infrastructure and the storage facilities. It will increase physical productive capital by building the resilience of production systems to climate change; intensify crop and livestock farming to improve nutritional status and structure the milk and rice value chains to promote youth employment. To ensure the sustainability and impact, PRODEFI-II will build the capacity of the farmers' organizations through training, particularly in natural resource management. The programme will reach out to and benefit 33,534 rural households. It is estimated that at least 30 per cent of the beneficiaries will be women including those who head household and 30 per cent young people.
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