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Country: Philippines
Title: Philippines - Fisheries, Coastal Resources, and Livelihood (FishCORAL) – September 2021
Description: Sandra Mae Acuin is 26 years old and the oldest of three siblings. Since she first started working in 2016, after graduating, she has helped financially support her family. She is a coordinator at BFAR Fish Coral at Maqueda Bay. Her immersion in the community has helped her see the world from a different perspective and allowed her to appreciate the things she had and the efforts the local community went to, to put food on the table.

The overall goal of the project is to reduce poverty in poor coastal communities, improve food and nutrition security and increase household. The fishing communities' capacity to sustainably manage fishery and coastal resources is built and ensures sustainable engagement in diversified livelihood activities.

More than 180,000 poor households living in coastal areas will benefit from this IFAD-funded project.
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