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Country: El Salvador
Title: El Salvador - National Programme of Rural Economic Transformation for Living Well - Rural Adelante – November 2021
Description: Jose Alesandro Márquez Reyes, is an 18 year old farmer who lives in the Octavio Ortiz Community, with his mother, father, younger sister, and three younger cousins. He is a member of the November 30th 1992 Cooperative Association for Agricultural Production LLC. Despite having left school after completing ninth grade, he has shown a great interest in agriculture, and is work in this sector has allowed his family to thrive.

Jose’s dedication and enthusiasm towards agriculture has given him a hands-on role within the Rural Adelante project and he has taken the “Introduction to mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change” course.

Through the programme, agricultural activities have been promoted through training on different topics for the people of the local community.

The Rural Adelante programme aims to sustainably increase rural families’ incomes in the eastern region of the country, an area which is impacted by extreme climate, especially droughts.
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