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Country: Sudan
Title: Sudan – Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (LMRP) – December 2021
Description: Ms Awadeeyah Abdullah Omar is a herder and small-scale farmer in Kuwaykayah village, North Kordofan. Besides working on her sorghum fields, she takes care of her family and of the animals. Before the project intervention, she spent several hours collecting water for the household and for her livestock. Thanks to IFAD LMRP, drinking water is now available in her community. Awadeeyah now has more time to dedicate to her work and free time. The quality of the water supply has also increased, reducing the number of water-borne diseases in her family.

Awadeeyah shares: "Before we faced a lot of hardships. Before this water point was established, we used to drink from a vary far water pit. Sometimes there was no water in it anyway and we had to walk to walk to a donkey water point which is further away. But now, this water point has solved that and we have plenty of water for us and our livestock."
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