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Country: Sri Lanka
Title: Sri Lanka - Smallholder Tea and Rubber Revitalization Project (STARR) – December 2021
Description: The Tea Research Institute (TRI), which is a national body focusing on developing and disseminating new technologies related to tea cultivation and processing. In partnership with STaRR, the TRI conducts soil quality testing on tea plantations. If the SQI (soil quality index) meets the requisite parameters, farmers can directly re-plant tea.

The IFAD-funded Smallholder Tea and Rubber Revitalization Project aims to improve food security, increase incomes, and strengthen the resilience of poor rural people in Sri Lanka, all while ensuring that the smallholders are the key decision-makers of the project. By promoting organization among smallholders to produce and market tea, supporting them in improving rubber production and processing, seeking a better link to markets, and facilitating smallholders’ access to rural financing, this project will benefit approximately 32,000 smallholder households.
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