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Country: Kenya
Title: Kenya - INSURED Programme - February 2022
Description: Everlyne, Pula's field agent, is taking measurements for the crop cut at Wilson Mutiso's farm. Wilson is a smallholder farmer who takes part in the IFAD/EU-funded KCEP-CRAL and buys subsidized inputs and crop insurance through the programme’s innovative e-voucher scheme. His crops are insured against drought, floods, pests and diseases, through the area yield index insurance that is available through KCEP-CRAL. The insurance product was developed by Africa-based insurtech company, Pula Advisors, with support from IFAD’s technical assistance INSURED programme (Insurance for Rural Resilience and Economic Development) and is made available by APA insurers.

The Insurance for Rural Resilience and Economic Development programme (INSURED) partnered with KCEP-CRAL to accelerate a form of crop insurance known as area yield index insurance (AYII). Africa-based insurtech company, Pula Advisors, had piloted the insurance product to smallholders taking part in KCEP-CRAL in the targeted arid and semi-arid lands and enrolled in the e-voucher scheme, in close partnership with a pool of local insurers and respective county stakeholders in Kenya. Under the AYII scheme, payouts are made in the event of harvests falling below an established trigger point.

Farmers participating in the European Union and IFAD co-financed Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme-Climate Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods Window (KCEP-CRAL) are enrolled in an innovative e-voucher scheme, which enables them to make digital payments for improved agricultural inputs, services and technologies. Customized ring-fenced debit cards are used at accredited agrodealers for purchases and transactions of an annually validated and valued e-voucher package (crop insurance is one of the six e-wallets). As the farmers transition through the programme, their co-contributions to the value of the e-voucher package increase.
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