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Country: Cote d'Ivoire
Title: Côte d’Ivoire - Agricultural Value Chain Development Support Programme (PADFA) – November 2021
Description: Dramane Silué, is a 41-year-old rice farmer and member of the cooperative Wowela (a name that means we help each other) in the village of Nahoualakaha in the northern part of the country. Before PADFA, the cooperative members used to farm rice, but productivity was really low. They consumed what they produced and there was no surplus to sell. Their fields were often attacked by insects, which destroyed their crops. Climate change was another challenge these small-scale farmers faced.

To meet the challenges caused by climate change, rice farmers receive drought-resistant and certified seeds and specified fertilizer to plant rice from PADFA. “Before PADFA, I used to plant rice with normal seeds and use the fertilizer I use to plant cotton. Now, with the training, the certified seeds and fertilizer I received from PADFA, I have increased my productivity passing from 23 bags of rice to 35 bags,” said Dramane Silué. “I sold some bags to have more money and keep some for my household consumption, which was not the case before.”
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