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Country: Sudan
Title: Sudan – Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (LMRP) – December 2021
Description: Originally a seasonal pastoralist from South Kordofan, Gadim Elnour Ahmed Elnaji and his family, had to settle in North Kordofan due to the ongoing conflict and scarcity of resources.

“We are herders, that’s who we are here and what we do for a living for generations. We tend sheep, cows, goats, and camels in this wide-open land. We move north during the rainy season, according to the weather that suits us. In the summer, we return to the south depending on our livestock condition. These lands have been good to us and our livestock, but lately we have been going through hard times. Water shortage in the grazing fields harmed our livestock, we used to walk for more than two or three hours for water. […] In the summer, we move to summer fields like Dambalab and Surraih. Sadly, these fields now do not feed many livestock, because they are not as green as they used to be. That is why the number of our livestock decreased. […] Sadly, we have many conflicts and disagreements between the herders and the farmers. For example, I, myself had a disagreement with a sugar cane farmer. He is taking way too much space for himself to grow his crops. […] Shortage of water and rains has affected our lives noticeably. For the future, we want more peace, justice and cooperation between herders and farmers. We want stability that allows us all to prosper and provide better for our families and to get back to the high number of livestock that we used to have”.

The LMRP supports pastoralist communities by rehabilitating and constructing water points for both human and animal consumption. LMRP further mitigates conflict through the Conflict Resolution Centres, located along the livestock migratory routes.
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