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Country: Sudan
Title: Sudan – Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (LMRP) – December 2021
Description: Hassan Yassin El Hassan is the mayor of Omodeyat Yasseen, Um Ruwaba. As Mayor he is part of the Native Administration and involved in the local Conflict Resolution Centre, supported by LMRP. The centre mainly deals with farmer-herder conflicts that are increasing as a result of the scarcity of grazing land and the expansion of agricultural lands.

“As an Oumda I am part of the Native Administration. We are responsible for conflict resolution and maintaining the safety and security, as well as connecting the social fabric of the citizens and solving all disputes. Ever since it was established, this center created a big leap for the community here and it became a central facility for the region. If any big disputes should break out between people, they come to this center to solve them. We try to resolve matters in a peaceful way”.

LMRP supports pastoralist communities by rehabilitating and constructing water points for both human and animal consumption. LMRP further mitigates conflict through the Conflict Resolution Centres, located along the livestock migratory routes.
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