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Country: Tajikistan
Title: Tajikistan - Livestock and Pasture Development Project Phase II - May 2022
Description: The Siyovush Pasture Users Union (PUU) was established in March 2017 in Qaragoch village, Hamadoni district and consists of 90 households. As of May 2022, the PUU members owned 415 head of cattle. Through the LPDP II project, PUU members received training on “Adaptation to climate change,” “Development of Community Livestock and Pasture Management Plan,” “Pasture Management,” and “Livestock breeding, Health and Foddering.” In order to restore pastureland ecosystem, LPDP II conducted training on rotational grazing and prevention of pasture degradation. Livestock productivity was further strengthened with two purebred bulls provided to PUU. Cattle shown here are improved local breed grazing on restored pasturelands that previously were heavily degraded.
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