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Country: Zambia
Title: Zambia - Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP) - August 2022
Description: Edinah is a 52 year old mother of seven and grandmother to 16 children. They all live together with her mum as well.

In recent years, she has noticed a change in the climate. In 2020, she had a poor harvest due to the flooding. The following year, the drought caused her crops to dry up.

COVID-19 also had an impact on her family’s livelihood. The total lockdown meant that she could no longer go to the market and sell her products and therefore could not provide for her family.

Her plans were shattered. “I’m a single woman, how am I going to feed my family? How will the children go to school?”

As a beneficiary of E-SLIP and with the RPSF funds, Edinah received 20 chickens. Once the hens had laid their first eggs, she shared them with other farmers, so that they too could have a source of income. With what she earned from the remaining chickens, she was able to buy two turkeys and some extra goats. She can now feed her large family and the children are healthier and can go to school.

The Rural Poor Stimulus Facility (RPSF) funds were used for the project Covid-19 Smart Livestock Production and Productivity Project (RPSF I) under the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP). The overall goal of the project was to “sustainably build resilience against shocks caused by COVID-19 in livestock production and productivity systems among targeted poor livestock farming households” with the aim to maintain the E-SLIP progress towards its IFAD11 Impact Targets.

Additional RPSF funds were used to scale-up the work and increase the outreach and add complementary activities to the original RPSF work that allowed the sustainability of E-SLIP and RPSF results.
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