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Country: Zambia
Title: Zambia - Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP) - August 2022
Description: Eunice Mwape is married with 4 children. She lives in Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka where she trades as a scrap metal dealer, but often visits her mother here at Shangobeka village in Rufunsa.

She has noticed a huge improvement in the standard of living of her mother and relatives in the village since the installation of the solar powered borehole. Her mother now has a small garden where she grows the vegetables that her family can eat. She sources the water using from the borehole to water the plants. As they are able to get clean water, they now maintain good hygiene which has reduced the number of diarrhoea cases and other illnesses that were prevalent before they had access to fresh water. Eunice has also noted that with it being close to the village, it is less time consuming for herself and the other women to get the water they need.

COVID19 guidelines emphasized the need for improved hygiene to contain the spread. For rural communities like Rufunsa, access to water for both humans and animals was a challenge. In this regard, The IFAD supported Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP) facilitated the establishment of watering points.

The Rural Poor Stimulus Facility (RPSF) funds were used for the project Covid-19 Smart Livestock Production and Productivity Project (RPSF I) under the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP). The overall goal of the project was to “sustainably build resilience against shocks caused by COVID-19 in livestock production and productivity systems among targeted poor livestock farming households” with the aim to maintain the E-SLIP progress towards its IFAD11 Impact Targets.

Additional RPSF funds were used to scale-up the work and increase the outreach and add complementary activities to the original RPSF work that allowed the sustainability of E-SLIP and RPSF results.
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