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Country: Nepal
Title: Nepal – Rural Poor Stimulus Facility (RPSF) – March 2022
Description: Owner Lalawati Marasini, 38, recieved a subsidized loan from the Agricultural Development Bank through the Dayanagar branch. With her husband, Shiva Prasad Subedi, she does livestock farming and fisheries. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were many days where she could not sell her milk, and even when it was sold, the prices were lower and sometimes the dairy would return the milk. They would either consume it themselves or share it with neighbours. In addition, because shops were closed, they were not able to sell their fish.

Lalawati learnt of the Kisan card through the Chappiya milk collection centre, and applied for and received one in April 2021. She says that because the money is credited to her account through the Kisan card, she doesn’t make unnecessary purchases and can accumulate interest on what she’s earning. After getting the card, she opened an account with ADBL, which allowed her to receive a subsidized loan.

Jalandhar Yadav, 29, is a dairy farmer and small business owner who runs the Chappiya milk collection centre. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he received support from the Agricultural Development Bank Ltd (ADBL), IFAD’s implementing partner for the RPSF in Nepal. He was trained on the MPoS (merchant point of sale) machine provided by ADBL, which enabled him to conduct cashless transactions with farmers. This helped him to continue working during the pandemic, and the nature of the transactions meant farmers were able to maintain social distancing while selling their milk.

In Nepal, RPSF funds supported laying the foundation for scaling-up the upcoming VITA project. The project will implement a new credit card and mobile phone application for money and information transfers and automated loan processing. The RPSF grant accelerated the roll-out of Kisan cards (in Nepalese, kisan is a farmer) and app providing digital financial services, automatic loan processing, reducing face-to-face transactions and promoting financial literacy and savings to build resilience.
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