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Country: Tunisia
Title: Tunisia - Agropastoral Value Chains Project in the Governorate of Médenine (PRODEFIL) - July 2022
Description: Yucef Selmi collects hay from the GDA Daher farmers co-operative in Beni Khaddeche, Medenine, Tunisia.

With support from PRODEFIL, the co-operative has grown from 96 members in 2015 to 600 in 2022. The president of GDA Daher, Ridha Kerdaoui says, “The main activity of the project is to provide ranchers with their agricultural necessities. We have done participatory work with the ranchers … to know exactly what their lacking.”

As an example, the project “was able to purchase land and build the storage that we are in now. This enables us to store large quanities of fodder. Then we provided it to the farmers in autumn and winter at a cheaper price … 8.5 dinars where others sell for 15 dinars. And that’s a win for the farmers, cost-wise.”
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