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Country: Tunisia
Title: Tunisia - Agropastoral Value Chains Project in the Governorate of Médenine (PRODEFIL) - July 2022
Description: Hayet Aouida had gone unemployed as a natural science teacher for over ten years until she was able to leverage assistance from PRODEFIL to purchase 33 ewes and 2 rams.

“As soon as this program came, I filed my papers and my project was accepted. They helped me with 35% of the costs. And we worked with SMSA Zed Elkhir, who helped technically and in providing me with fodder.” SMSA Zed Elkhir is an agropastoralist co-operative in Sidi Makhlouf, also supported by PRODEFIL.

Unable to find work teaching, she says, “We only had the salary of my husband. I wanted a source of income for my own. I want to be self-sufficient, especially financially. That’s what makes me who I am. My ambition is there, so why not reach 100 or even 200 sheep?”
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