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Country: Tunisia
Title: Tunisia - Behind the scenes of a New Day - July 2022
Description: Behind the scenes of an IFAD campaign film, “A New Day”. The crew films an early morning commute by farm workers in Sidi Hmada, Siliana, Tunisia.

Director Jonathon Pearson, foreground, explains, “The film is called A New Day. It's about this particular point in time that we find ourselves in and a new beginning. We open our film with scenes of people in much hotter sort of climes or in darkness. And as the film progresses and as it picks up tempo with the Nina Simone track, A New Day, we then move into kind of lush green imagery, but also brighter as well. So we literally go from from dark to light across this 60 second spot.”
Size: 15.86 MB; 2880 x 1920 pixels; 244 x 163 mm (print at 300 DPI); 762 x 508 mm (screen at 96 DPI);
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