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Country: Sierra Leone
Title: Sierra Leone - Agriculture Value Chain Development Project (AVDP) - June 2022
Description: Inland Valley Swamp – The AVDP reinforces the concepts that farming is a business and that the country should be able to grow what it eats. In addition to its traditional value chain support programme in rice, cocoa and oil palm production, the project is working with farmers, especially women and women-headed households, persons with disabilities, and youth to increase vegetable production as part of growing efforts to boost their household incomes and nutrition.

Inland Valley Swamp contributes to higher productivity of rice and vegetables through development of water control structures in low-lying swamp areas. By controlling water flow, the swamps become productive areas for crop cultivation, allowing for up to three harvests of multi-cropping per year and avoiding the deforestation of hillsides where smallholders had typically planted their crops. IVS plots have a higher yield than comparable-sized hillside plots.

Julius Lavariye, 33 years-old with two children - did slash and burn upland farming before the AVDP IVS project. He has received training from the project in water management and infrastructure maintenance. He will be responsible for taking care of the project area long after the project has gone.
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