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Country: Sierra Leone
Title: Sierra Leone - Rural Finance and Community Improvement Programme (RFCIP) - June 2022
Description: Mohamed Tejan-Kella, RFCIP Programme Coordinator - The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) established the Rural Finance and Community Improvement Programme (RFCIP) in 2008 to help ensure that rural communities have access to the financial services they need. The programme now boasts of 76 Rural Financial Institutions (RFIs) located in rural towns and villages across the country.

“After eleven years of civil war (1991-2002), many people fell into a mindset of relying on development aid and government assistance for everything consequently leaving them with a culture of dependence. Before, all financial services were located exclusively in urban centers. Rural people had the idea that financial institutions were only for the elite and educated city people. The RFCIP is building rural people’s capacity to better understand how they can access microcredit and use it to build their future without waiting for handouts. More and more we see a shift in people’s thinking and the many ways rural communities are benefitting from rural financial services. Financial services are meant also for rural people.”

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