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Country: Sierra Leone
Title: Sierra Leone - Rural Finance and Community Improvement Programme (RFCIP) - June 2022
Description: Amie Sullay - The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) established the Rural Finance and Community Improvement Programme (RFCIP) in 2008 to help ensure that rural communities have access to the financial services they need. The programme now boasts of 76 Rural Financial Institutions (RFIs) located in rural towns and villages across the country.

Amie heard an announcement on the radio one day about the financial services offered to rural producers by the Yoni Community Bank. Since that day, she has taken five loans and expanded her poultry business from 300 to 1000 laying hens. She sells about 700-800 eggs per day to local wholesalers and can’t meet the demand. With recent increases in the price of feed, she has started to grow corn. Thanks to the increased income, Amie has built two houses and can afford to send her children to school. She will soon take a new loan from the bank to buy more hens. There is a profit to be made from selling eggs.
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