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Country: Fiji
Title: Fiji - Pacific Islands Rural and Agriculture Stimulus Facility (PIRAS) - July 2022
Description: Alitimere Burenitu is a 46 year old farmer from Nalotawa Village, Yakete in Ba, now living in Marinitawa.

As a farmer, her biggest problem is not being able to sell all their produce at market, and during rainy season, not being able to cross the River. During dry season, they have issues getting water.
During Covid, the lockdown meant they couldn’t sell their produce and they weren’t able to go and get groceries.
Farming slowed down and they resorted to back yard garden type farming. They weren’t able to afford seeds as NGO funding was greatly reduced. Since then, PIRAS funding has made a massive difference.
Most farms in the area are sugarcane because Government facilitates it, but doesn’t give assistance to other crops.
She says the PIRAS funding which has provided her with programs, tools, and knowledge has really helped out a lot.
Without the program, they would have struggled a lot.
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