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Country: Fiji
Title: Fiji - Pacific Islands Rural and Agriculture Stimulus Facility (PIRAS) - July 2022
Description: The countryside in Marinitawa, Ba

the Marinitawa Farmers Cluster that was formed during the pandemic to help strengthen farmer's skills, knowledge and improve the upstream and downstream links of the farm value chain.
During the pandemic farmers from the Marinitawa Cluster adopted the ‘Solesolevaki’ model and worked on each of the 25 farms at Marinitawa twice a week to help with farm operations. PIRAS through Rise Beyond the Reef was able to support the Marinitawa Cluster with land prep and distribution of planting materials: turmeric and cassava that will increase production capacity for the export market. The aim of PIRAS is to mitigate the effects of COVID and take steps toward livelihood recovery which includes the provision of planting materials and land preparation.
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