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Country: Fiji
Title: Fiji - Pacific Islands Rural and Agriculture Stimulus Facility (PIRAS) - July 2022
Description: From the left to right - Sikeli Gudru a 45-year-old and Inoke Sauvocia 46 years old are both farmers from the village of Keyasi in the province of Navosa. Sikeli Gudru is married with 4 children and he is also the chairman of the cooperative Navosa cluster that was formed during the short period of PIRAS. The cluster farmers of Rise Beyong the Reef were established with the assistance of the Ministry of Trade via the Department of Cooperatives as it will strengthen their marketing of products and other developments in the future.
Through PIRAS with the support from Rise Beyond the Reef the Navosa cluster received a biogas unit that supplies organic fertilizers and will be distributed to the member of the cluster farmers to substitute fertilizer that is heavily used in the sugar cane and vegetable farms. We were also assisted with a goat fence to prevent unattended animals from roaming around eating and damaging our crops shares Sikeli. Cassava and turmeric planting materials were also distributed to the Navosa cluster to support the resilience of rural livelihoods in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, by ensuring timely access to agriculture inputs, information, and markets. It also strengthens the returns of smallholder farmers through stronger market linkages locally, and overseas, stronger information sharing, and a supportive strategy environment.
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