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Country: Argentina
Title: Argentina - Goat Value Chain Development Programme (PRODECCA) – November 2022
Description: Gustavo Lizama is a 42-year-old rural producer in Paraje Aguada Las Cortaderas, province of Neuquén. He raises goats and other animals on a field located 25 kilometers southwest of the town of Cutral Co, in an area far from the main roads, dependent on sunlight for energy, with no communication services and surrounded by land occupied for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation.

“I am the third generation of farmers in my family,” says Gustavo, who is married to Yolanda and together they have a daughter, Lucía, whom he sees only on weekends because they live in the town of Cutral Co.

Through the Goat Value Chain Development Program (PRODECCA), Gustavo obtained the materials to build a shed so that the animals can be sheltered from the harsh local climate, where wind gusts can reach 100 kilometers per hour. In addition, he was able to fence off four hectares of his field to graze the animals that are about to breed, a measure that allows him to control the attacks of predators in the area and to better organize the management of the herd.

The aim of the Goat Value Chain Development Programme (PRODECCA), is to help small goat farmers in Argentina increase, enhance and market their production of meat, dairy products and fibre, especially mohair and cashmere.

The programme is expected to benefit a total of 8,000 families across the provinces of Chaco, Formosa, Mendoza, Neuquén and Santiago del Estero, home to about some 60 per cent of the country's goat herds.
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