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Country: Indonesia
Title: Indonesia - Young Entrepreneurship and Employment Support Services programme (YESS) – November 2022
Description: Adimas Muhammad Wibisana grows cavendish bananas, melons, as well as other fruits and vegetables in his Grand Sakina Farm in Subang Regency, Indonesia's West Java province.

The father of two daughters and a son has achieved an important milestone: he became one of the YESS competitive grant winners.

"After I took part in this competitive grant contest, my network expanded a lot, and I thought it was more valuable than money," he says.

"Because from that networking, I can get new knowledge about agriculture, how to cultivate and so on."

Winning the grant allows him to purchase smart farming tools and secures deals from investors to establish a greenhouse.

On his farm, Adimas produces up to two tons of fresh produce every month. Adimas works with four other people to target local consumers surrounding Subang Regency.

The 37-year-old farmer is an ambitious man. He dreams of opening an agritourism business that allows students and other visitors to pick up their produce at his farm.

"This [farm] becomes a prototype, a pilot project. If, for example, it is later successful, in the future developments, we [will] again add greenhouses, investors," he says.

YESS aims to create opportunities for rural youths to build their livelihoods through rural entrepreneurship or employment. It seeks to develop a new generation of young farmers and agripreneurs while contributing to sustainable rural transformation through people-oriented investment.
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